Biden "No Cents" (Novelty) Collectible Penny

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The Biden "No Cents" Penny Features:

Now here’s a penny that makes some sense. Or does it? The new Biden Penny is worth NO CENTS! Enjoy handing this fun gag gift out to your conservative friends or the one Biden voter on your street. Not legal tender! If this was a real penny, you would have 16 extra ones this year than you did last year.

The Come On Man Penny features:

Remember what the Biden Regime Tweeted this past Independence Day? Biden probably doesn’t. Anyway, they said Fourth of July cookouts would cost 16 cents less than last year. C’mon man, this is not the 1920s! What an insult to Americans who have experienced skyrocketing fuel costs under this Administration’s energy policies! So, naturally we made a penny to commemorate this stupid Tweet. The 16 cents penny, complete with Biden’s mug on one side and an ice cream cone on the other.

SIZE: 19 diameter, and 1.6mm thickness. The thickness makes this slightly larger than a regular US penny.

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